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Like a Family Home

it's a big five part romance



♥ Me:
I like tweendom. I watch a lot of Nickelodeon. I buy issues of Popstar at Target. Sometimes they have One Direction Paper Dolls in them. I am very pro-fandom. I've been in fandom for a million years now. I am a grown up. I enjoy pretty girls. Girls in general, actually. I was in a music video. I have an adopted penguin. I have an HTML tattoo. I like words. And pictures. And putting pictures with words. I drink a lot of coffee. I like scarves, cardigans, bracelets and sunglasses. I tend to refer to people as kids even when they're my age. One time this happened

I The Kendall, the Spot, The Megan and the Zayn,

This Girl is My Logan, my Race, My Mindy and My Liam. ♥♥♥ She is also sitting snuggled next to me while I I type this. We're snuggled on our couch watching Teen Wolf. We're not really like Kendall and Logan at all, actually. But whatever. We are like the rest of them. So.

♥ A Smart Thing Someone Who Wasn't Me Said:
"We lose ourselves in stories, but we also find ourselves in stories. Fan fiction isn't just a way for us to gay-up straight characters (or sex-up gay characters); it's an exercise in molding narratives that resonate with our unique life experiences. Fan fiction readers and writers aren't waiting for networks and showrunners to hand them a beautiful bouquet of freshly picked roses. They're planting their own gardens and fertilizing their own imaginations and pruning and weeding and growing something proud and strong. They may have borrowed the seeds, but the blossoms are all their own."
♥♥-->Heather Hogan

♥ Links:
The Borogoves-> A fic place. Go read. Add us. It's awesome. My fic lives here!
All my fic, at least for the past three years. Sort of. When I remember to update it.
The Backhouse --> Come have fun.
The Derek/Casey ship manifesto.--> I wrote this.
Twitter --> Follow me!
Tumblr!--> You could follow me here too. Or not. Tumblr is bad

♥ Friends:
If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
a hoper, a prayer, a magic bean buyer
if you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
for we've some flax-golden tales to spin
come in
come in."
~Shel Silverstein

Friends Only, except for super fandomy stuff. I'm very friendly, I just ask that you comment on my Friends Only post, or any unlocked entry and let me know you're adding me. I just like to know who's reading this.

My Sparkly OT4
The Newsboys of LJ


Did I mention I have stupid feelings about Boybands? Because I have stupid feelings about boybands.

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It's A Girl Thing: A Nickelodeon Girlslash IDF Fanmix
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moirariordan Made this for me.

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